When it comes to gifting a lotus ring, it is said to be a gift for a lifetime. However, when choosing what type of diamond ring to gift, it is important to consider a series of considerations, depending on the occasion and the relationship we have with the person we want to give this valuable gift to.

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring symbolizes a promise of marriage. By tradition and protocol, the gold solitaire ring with diamonds is the most appropriate to give in a marriage proposal.

The solitaire is a ring, either gold or platinum, with a single embedded diamond, usually of a large size. We can find them in yellow gold and white gold, although it is common to choose white gold, as this material makes the diamond stand out more and makes it more elegant. On some occasions, we also find solitaires with a larger central diamond and some smaller ones on the ring.

Wedding Rings

The quintessential wedding ring is the alliance. Generally, two similar style alliances are chosen for both, as they symbolize the union between them. There are different types of alliances:

    • Diamond Alliance: characterized by having diamonds surrounding the entire ring, with various types of cuts and settings (we will talk about the different types of settings in a subsequent post).

Example: Second-hand white gold alliance with diamonds

    • Half alliance: has diamonds only on the top part.

Example: 18K gold half alliance with diamonds

  • Plain alliance: are plain rings without any adornment or stones.

Anniversary Rings

If you’re thinking of gifting a ring to your partner to commemorate your anniversary, your best option is the “You and Me” rings, which are rings with 2 intertwined diamonds and symbolize the union of the couple.

Example: Second-hand white gold ring with diamonds

Rings for a Mother or Grandmother

Although it always depends on each individual, there are 2 types of diamond rings that are a safe bet when it comes to gifting our mother or grandmother:

    • You and Me Rings with Pearls and Diamonds: similar to the “You and Me” mentioned above, but instead of two diamonds, they have a pearl and a diamond. The pearl symbolizes a more maternal love.

Example: Second-hand white gold ring with pearl and diamond

    • Rosette Rings: characterized by having a central diamond surrounded by smaller ones.

Example: Second-hand white gold rosette ring with diamond

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