Jewelry is our great passion, and we must say that it’s the perfect complement to our outfit, providing us with elegance, distinction, and highlighting our personality and physique. However, before heading out, we should pause and think about which jewelry is most appropriate for each moment of the day, depending on the event we’re attending or the perfect match with the clothes we’ve chosen for that day.

One of the first principles to consider is the quantity of jewelry we’re going to wear. Often, the phrase “less is more” should be present in our memory, as wearing a large amount of jewelry can cause our outfit to look overloaded, tacky, and a loss of elegance.

Therefore, when you’re in front of your jewelry collection wondering which pieces to choose for each occasion, consider the quality of each piece. It’s better to wear a few high-quality pieces than many lower-quality ones, like costume jewelry.

On a daily basis, remember that the goal of wearing jewelry elegantly is to showcase simplicity and a sense of distinction in your overall outfit.

It’s a mistake to think that to showcase jewelry in the best way, they have to be expensive. What we need to know is how to combine and choose them based on the event we’re attending, the season of the year, and the time of day.

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Choosing Based on the Time of Day

Depending on the time you plan to wear the jewelry, you should opt for certain pieces. During the day, it’s recommended to wear silver pieces and jewelry with colorful gemstones, avoiding excessive gold or diamonds. However, for formal events or nighttime occasions, you can opt for higher-quality jewelry with more sparkle, accompanied by diamonds or precious stones, which complement your outfit perfectly.

Choosing for Work

If you want to make the most of your jewelry collection while going to work, it’s best not to wear overly flashy jewelry in the office. Focus on presenting a professional and serious image, avoiding attention-grabbing jewelry during your workday. For earrings, classic pearls are recommended as they are elegant, complement your facial image, and are always a safe choice. Rings and chains should also be simple, following the “less is more” principle.

Choosing for Special Events

If you have a wedding coming up, it’s important to understand the etiquette regarding jewelry. If you’re wearing an evening dress, it’s advisable not to pair it with a watch, no matter how luxurious. Many guests incorporate a watch as an accessory, but it’s best if it’s small or a jewelry watch. If you wear a brooch, it’s advisable to avoid wearing a necklace, as it could result in an overloaded look. When choosing earrings, consider the hairstyle you’ll have, so they can be displayed and stand out accordingly. Long earrings go well with an updo, while short earrings complement a headpiece. Coordinate the rest of your jewelry with the chosen dress, as certain pieces will enhance it while others may not be as flattering. Our recommendation is that both gold and silver sets with gemstones always add a distinguished touch and blend perfectly.

Guidelines to Remember

Lastly, remember not to mix pieces of different metals in the same ensemble. It’s essential to maintain consistency in your choice of metal. If you engage in sports, remember to remove your jewelry and keep it in a locker; it’s not suitable to wear them during physical activities.

By keeping these guidelines in mind and considering the occasion, you can select the perfect jewelry to enhance your look and showcase your style with elegance and distinction.