The phase of setting up the little room and preparing the most special room in the house is one of the most enjoyable stages of pregnancy. One more maternity task that mom and dad dedicate all their love and affection to the baby to come. Among the best tips for decorating the baby’s room , it is important that dads reconcile their preferences, tastes and personality with safety and comfort for the baby. But how to choose the ideal crib kit ? We know that choosing the crib kit is not among the simplest tasks. And, to help moms and dads on their mission, we’ve prepared 5 tips that will help you a lot in this step.

5 tips for choosing the ideal crib kit

1. The ideal crib kit material

Pay attention to the material the crib kit is made of. Ideally, it should be made of 100% cotton fabric. Also, it is easy to clean. The crib kit is not a trousseau piece that mothers usually change very often. Generally, they are removed for washing and should be returned to the baby’s crib as soon as possible.

2. The parts of the ideal crib kit

Complete in comfort and safety. The ideal crib kit has the right amount of parts to provide complete safety and comfort for baby naps. The Grão de Gente crib kits are extremely complete, designed to offer all the comfort and safety with a special touch of good taste and cuteness.

Among the pieces that make up Grão de Gente’s crib kits are 1 Duvet, 3 crib protectors, one for the headboard and the others for the sides of the crib, sheet set and mosquito net. They are made of 100% cotton fabric and filling that make the pieces more comfortable and safe. Everything you need for your baby’s crib!

3. Combine with the theme of the baby’s room

The crib kit is the key piece of decor in the baby’s room. As bedding for the crib, the star of the environment, the crib kit sets the tone for the decor. So, also pay attention to the combination of colors, styles, etc. At Grão de Gente there is an infinity of models and colors of crib kits. To find the ideal crib kit for you, filter the search according to your preferences.

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4. Attractive value for money

The complete crib kits have a very attractive cost benefit. In addition to all the parts a crib kit needs to offer maximum comfort and safety for the baby, it has decorative pieces in the same theme, color and style. You can search for models of crib kit with nanny bed that Grão de Gente has.

5. Amounts and payment methods

Like so many other baby layette items, there are models on the market for all tastes and budgets. The baby layette list is not small, so finding prices and flexible payment methods helps moms and dads a lot, especially those on their first trip, who put together a layette from scratch!